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the woody looks

Today’s picture shows you the NEW top cover for the 3o ml flacon of the HOMAGE line. Ordered, but not in stock yet. Hence, for a while the 30 ml amber-brown flacons will leave tauer factory with the black top covers that you know from the blue flacons. By the way: The black wooden top is made from beech tree wood, and painted black to look “less woody”, more designed. Yep.

The photo is taken on a piece of paper with a few notes and sketches taken during my meeting with Donovan from the Designers Club. We were discussing the top cover (see picture), packaging issues (inlay), and a lot of plans for 2011. And we discovered that, although every product from Tauer factory is hand made, filled and boxed and packed by Tauer and his friends, and all happens here in Zurich and yes: it IS hand made with my signature sent with every flacon leaving tauer factory… although all this: You do not see it mentioned on the website. We simply do not talk about it. Isn’t this strange? Somehow I forgot about it. Although I think it is important, to understand the brand.

Thus, this I will need to change one day. Anyhow, I am  loosing my topic here…

For the amber flacon I wanted a different top. All my tops are, by the way, made in Austria. When I come up with the idea of adding the amber glass pebbles into the glass, I thought for a moment “BEACH”. And in a sense, the new cover plays with this idea. It is like a stranded piece of wood, aged after years in water, with a rough surface, telling stories of sea monsters playing with dolphins and mermaids singing.

Thus, we picked a wood that fits by its color: Walnut. And then we get it brushed, to bring out its texture. And then we varnish it to make it look designed. Love it.

Time until delivered: 2 months. Time until in shops….. 3-4 months.