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there is good and bad when it comes to perfumes

We discussed a few perfumes while hiking on Monday and breathing fresh air and filling up the reservoir for the first weeks of 2011 with many new orders and plans. Actually, it was more my  hand-wringing “Oh my god, 2010 has seen so much trash, what for heaven’s sake will follow in 2011”.

“But then”, the W.-factor asked,”there are so many perfumes on the market that were launched 10 0r more years ago! Why do they still sell?”

“Because they are well done. And trust me honey, read my lips: There IS good and bad when it comes to perfumes. It is not only likes and dislikes. Some perfumes are simply not done right. They are blunt. Boring. Do not shine. They are not done with care.”, I replied.

“But then, what happens to all the new launches of bad perfumes”, the W.-factor asked.

“They disappear. Faster than you can say NO THANK YOU! First, they leave the ads that made them famous, then the blogs that praise them, then the shelfs in the shops that sold them and then the zombies return to the tombs where they came from”, I explained.

“Good”, the W.-factor said and the world was clean and save again.

And I remembered one reply I got on my blog when I announced my COLLECTIBLES line. A line that I will launch in April 2011. I will present fragrances in this line that are limited because I cannot guarantee that I will get all the raw materials all the time. And the perfumes might change from lot to lot, as the raw materials may change from harvest to harvest. Thus….collectibles.

Anyhow, one of the commenter was disappointed,  because she did not want to fall in love with an object that might be limited in time and available flacons.

When I read the comment, I immediately thought… .But, about 95% of everything fragrant that is launched now will not be available in 2 years time anymore.