what's up?

this week's main topic

… will be shipping. And it will be an utterly busy week before I fly out of Zurich this Friday. Shipping in and out that is. I am awaiting a couple of deliveries. Bottles, more bottles, folding cardboard boxes. And lots of parcels need to get out of there, the little factory.

And, as almost always, there are troubles. What should have arrived ten days ago gets here this week, because… well:

– the wrong stuff was delivered first

– stuff was shipped without papers through Europe, just to be shipped back, and reshipped with papers

– general delays.

Sometimes, it feels as if the logistics is the most troublesome issue when it comes to tauer perfumes. And sometimes, it feels like we are still stuck in mule carriage times. You know: These days, I do not see really -for instance- why I need to physically print 3x commercial invoices and packlists and all. The e-integration in international shipping is still missing to a big extend.

Anyhow: Once the parcels and pallets get out of the factory…. Hurray! Finally some space to  move around again.