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today at tauerville: another logistics highlight

Today we get another shipment out, from my super mini factory consisting of two rooms, downhill of where I write these lines. It is kind of an average medium sized shipment, 8 boxes, with some 24 perfumes each, but as we have enough palettes narrowing the room for storage, I put it all together on a palette. One of the logistics wonders when transporting things with trucks: It does not really matter -within certain limits- how heavy or bit your shipment is. And thus, a single parcel 60x40x40 and a palette is (almost) the same price.

And now, as I hope to get this shipment out of sight today, I need to head down to the mini factory early in the morning. Here in Switzerland people get to work early. Like sometimes really early. And truck drivers seem to love to drive early in the morning when there is no heavy  traffic in town, yet. But sometimes they like to drive in the afternoon. Bottom line: You never know when they are coming by.  And thus, we are ready down there. I get some help today, and together we will fill some bottles: Incense rosé today. And boxing a few air du désert marocain.

And while we do so, I will probably think about a couple of things. Like X-mas, summer holidays, and the rose samples that I got: Rose essential oil from Afghanistan, rosa damascena, bio (organic) quality, one reduced in methyleugenol, one the non treated quality, both absolutely stunning. Like: really good. I like the idea of farmers planting roses in Afghanistan instead of poppy and right now I am considering getting some. Availability is rather limited. Thus, I am thinking “for X-mas”, to create an X-mas special scent, maybe skipping the vanilla ideas for X-mas. Or maybe doing a vanilla rose combo. Although, I would probably find a better name than vanilla rose combo.

Finally, today’s picture, being totally unrelated: Jasmine flower, blooming outside, taken with my phone’s camera yesterday in bright sunlight, and treated with photoshop this morning at 6.30, in order to be pretend to be at least a tiny winy little bit creative these days. I like the dramatization of a simple picture by rendering it black and white and adding contrast. Seriously: Never trust any picture.

Funny enough: Shocked by really cool temperatures over the weekend, this flower lost its scent. Almost entirely.