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This post is somewhat not perfume related, but I share a little picture of my tomato plant. One of them is called “Siberian Early”. I got the seeds from a specialized, organic seed cultivator that features a lot of specialities that you can’t get anywhere else, Zollinger Samen, their webpage is here, but it is in German, based in Switzerland.  This tomato variety is said to be early, robust and not growing too high. Every bit is true. The are early, robust and grow very compact.

And they started to bloom these days. Hurray!

The scent of the leaves and stem: Powerful. And for those who want to know: It is 2-isobutylthiazole, mostly, being responsible for the tomato leaf scent. At least that’s what the literature says.

This and much more information about other plants and their scent and the molecules responsible for it you can find on this great, still growing web page, managed by Bo Jensen.

And, after fighting for quite a while with myself: I ordered some of the isobutylthiazole today, as I have never smelled it and as I am curious to which extend it smells like tomato leaf. (For M. : No, no plans yet for a tomato leaf perfume.) I guess that’s my good news for today, and a little present from Andy to Andy.