marketing and branding

total awefullness

I just got back home from the EMEX, a marketing and communication fair in Zurich where I met my supplier of my boxes. I also met a couple of other potential suppliers for boxes and tools and stuff. These fairs are always super inspiring and wake up ideas that have gone into snoozing mode, like … one fine day I would love to get a branded, unique box for my perfume shipments. As I cannot ship full bottles to most countries due to air freight restrictions for dangerous goods (= perfumes) this would primarily be for the US and Switzerland/Germany/France. And there might be other opportunities for goodies or special editions; you never know and hence it is good to know what is out there and how technology has changed and what can be done. And trust me: You can do much more in lower numbers these days than 10 years ago. Amazing!

I took my bike there, and did a  detour over the hill sitting between here and there. It was total awesomeness to stop and look down over the city of Zurich, the lake, the layers of hills lining up before the alps in their blue-white glory. The picture does not really show it well. You have to be there and see for yourself. I will publish the picture in higher resolution on my facebook site.

Now, back in the office, I am going to pick pictures for another little video that I want to do. Story telling. Maybe this is more important than boxes, who knows?