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transformations of flowers into compost

The best thing I heard yesterday was like “I have skin that transforms the most beautiful flowers into compost within 5 seconds”. So there we go: Hurray, I am not the only one! As perfumer, I have the privilege to transform the most splendid flowers into a whimsy pile of rotten petals, inside a trial flacon, awaiting salvation by being thrown away as litter and find eternal peace in the ether. Living in Zurich means that all trash that we leave ends up being burned. So, ultimately, into the fire go the shabby flower petals.

Sometimes, after thinking a long time and mixing milligram after milligram on the balance, sometimes when doing the clean up, you realize that the pipette washing fluid smells better than what you have just mixed. This left over ethanol is also called “mille fleurs” (thousand flowers) and is like a liquid palimpsest of what you have written in fragrant notes over the last days and weeks.

This awkward moment when you realize that the pipette washing fluid smells better than your mixture.

But there is hope and light on the horizon. Always.

Today is creative Friday and I will try not to hop into the factory. I will do so, however, on Saturday and Sunday, as the work waiting there for me cannot wait until next week, really.

Creative Friday this Friday actually means working in Illustrator and adjusting labels “à gogo”. And a few other not really creative tasks.

But I have high hopes that I might find time to do one sketch, and write one or more pages. There’s hope. Always.

Enjoy your Friday!

Picture today: A quick sunset shot, Zurich, yesterday, on my way downtown.