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tuberosa a Zurigo

Today’s picture shows you a tuberose plant, in baby state, still, seen in Zurich about a month ago. Today, the same pot is all covered with green leaves and the Zurich perfumer hopes every day to see the first tip of a flower bud appearing. Our summer is very short and it took a long time until the tuberose plant would sprout. Now, it is still in the state of growing leaves. Let’s hope there is a nice August and September ahead, allowing for a nice bloom. I planted a lot of tuberose bulbs in May.

If there is not enough time in late summer for their bloom, then I will need to compensate and spray a bit more generously my latest tuberose trial that I did for a while for the Sotto la luna® line. As all the trademark registration work is done, and as I am talking about it since a very long: Time to move on there.

The scents are more or less ready. Three of them. I feel sort of comfortable with them. Gardenia, hyacinth, tuberose. Each of them with a twist.

Next is the decision how to present them, how to decorate the flacon and for which price range to aim, and the timeline.

On decoration and how to present the line: I know exactly what to get done there. I will need the help of my super design guru, though.

Pricing: Here’s one message that I learned, knowing that I cannot turn the wheel back in time, like it or not: the price tag and rarity of an object makes for a good part of its attraction. So, I have my ideas there, too.

And the timeline, well, well. Initially, I figured that I can present the line in autumn this year. But, I feel that this is not possible. I think it will be early 2014. Ah well.

Anyhow: I just wanted to update you. The next steps will be: Getting a quote from my guru to be able starting the decoration work on the/for the flacons, soon. Fitting with the scents, I want to go a touch more extravagant.