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typical day in the factory

Today’s picture shows you a typical day in my two room factory: Labelling air du désert marocain, happening in the front, with my omnipresent ipad, an old version 2 one, with a newer keyboard from Logitec, allowing me to listen to music and checking my email from time to time. I am trying to answer most mails, some however will never get answered, like free samples wishes.

On the second bench, more in the back, you can see a watercolor picture going to take shape. Watercolor is perfect there, every hour or so I make a break, paint some layers and in between they can dry thoroughly. Thus, during a factory working day, there is time for a picture, sometimes. The result of this working day (Friday) was this picture. It was painted using a picture on my phone that I took a couple of days ago when going home.

I have probably the nicest way home there is. Following the river Limmat that runs from the lake through Zurich and then out of town where I cross it over a barrage. There, from the barrage , the view in the evenings is often spectacular, with the sun going down behind the river, and often with lots of gulls flying in and out.

gulls flying over the Limmat in the evening

gulls flying over the Limmat in the evening

Another detail that you might realize in the picture of the “factory”: It is pretty crowded. It always feels a bit too tight there, a flood of bottles and boxes falling in from all possible corners, as I am not that good in putting things away. But then: Hey! It’s a factory… no ballroom. Usually, I am pretty much alone there. But a couple of weeks ago, this was the place where I met a journalist and where we talked about the state of works of the Swiss niche perfumery business. The result of this discussion you will find here, in the Tages Anzeiger online (link, in German). Enjoy!