making of

ugly nacked neck

Yesterday, I did another mix for 25 liters, pouring and weighing all ingredients together, warming some of  them in water bath first (like oak moss that is really sticky and hardly flows at room temperature). Over the next few lots and for some perfumes: part of this mixing will be outsourced, already is. The actual mixing is done by the company providing me with raw materials. It is less about the actual work, but more on the economy of stock keeping and managing space to store the raw materials.  Some perfumes, however, will remain in  my hands for a while…And while mixing yesterday, I learned again why this is. It is such a deep immersion into the world of scent. Imagine: You open the 250 ml aluminum bottle with rose absolute from Bulgary. You pour it into a big can, through a funnel and immerse your already soaked nose: Total rose candy, sweet honey, clove buds exploding, a shower of pink petals, sticky lemonade, and cat pee. Thus, I really enjoy this immersion and do not want to miss part of this work.

But it is a fact, and Vladimir mentioned it the other day, and I mentioned it to the W.-factor the other day: I have reached a point where I could not do all by myself anymore. I have become dependent on some helping hands. Two of these you see on the picture.

They put two black high durability rings over the pump (you see one of these rings  in right corner), after crimping, using the manual flanging machine that makes the pump stick to the flacon. This flanging leaves a little ugly naked crimped metal neck between flacon and pump head. The rings cover this aesthetic sensitive area. Just and only for aesthetic reasons. One day, I will need to make a “making of” video, showing all the little steps. And some helping hands….