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UN ID 8000

Brrr. It’s cold outside. I guess we are getting the cool weather here from the US East coast. I will be heading down to the factory by bike and will do so fast, the faster the sooner I will be in my cozy spot, surrounded by boxes, putting more boxes into boxes. T0day, I’ll finish some Incense rosé, and will pack more air that goes there where the cold weather is coming from. Kind of a nice exchange: Warm dry perfume air in exchange for cool arctic air.

The picture today shows you packed UN ID 8000 items. Perfumes, consumer commodity, packed for Fedex Air transport, with all the labels on. As it is dangerous goods, it needs to be packed and labelled and shipped in a certain way, priority, with extra fees, and a shipper’s declaration(extra paid for) that I get from an outside party who confirms that the packaging is done properly. It all adds up, in the end. I mean: $$.

What I ship is 50 ml. If it was 30 ml or less, then it would be “exempt quantity”, meaning you can ship as exempt quantity, Fedex Eco, without fees, without shipper’s declarations that you have to pay for. In my next life/for my next brand that’s the take home message: Don’t go for 50 ml.