what's up?

under a blue sky, Tuberose uncertainties

Today’s picture shows you the sky over Zurich, at 5.30 am, in a twisted way thanks to yesterday’s serious evaluation of the latest tuberose centered scent that I am working on since felt eternities. In reality, I started about a year ago. And am still not there where I need to be. I tested the last version and decided that it is not there yet, missing in longevity, and force maybe. At 5 I woke up and sort of felt what I had to try next. So I got up and took a picture of the sky that will see me fly through tomorrow, on my way to Paris, for a short, cheap trip. We are trying to safe money and hence the plane. Yep. Flying is cheaper than taking the train when not planning way in advance.

Paris will have me for two days, visiting friends, and a fair for raw materials. Fun! And important!

After 10 am, the peace was over, when I realized that I need to plan and pack a super urgent Fedex shipment, into my warehouse, though. But there was time enough to write down the new formula, mix it and put it into the shelf. It may rest in peace and mature now for a couple of days. I changed a lot: Simplified the core, extended the base, adding a few more base notes, and changing the proportions. The previous version, on skin, was nice for about 5 minutes. It would be the perfect duty free tuberose. Simply not good enough. Maybe as splash it might work.

OK. Time to pack and get the last minute things done before, yes , I know, I mentioned it before: Paris. 2 days without parcels and packs and more.