creating scents


I wish you all a great start into a new week! Today’s topic: Unfinished things. The picture of today fits. A little mandarin painted yesterday, after a still life session in last week’s aquarelle class where we did mandarins et al. It is not finished, but I haven’t decided what to add, really. Maybe I won’t change it anymore: I am getting better at leaving paintings unfinished. They come with their own esthetic qualities.

There are other things unfinished where I am getting better just letting them sit there. Like emails. I get so many. And I learned to just ignore some.

And there are perfumes, that are sort of “unfinished”. Or better said: I thought that they were unfinished. But the more I smell them, the less I know what to add or remove. So they sit there, and wait, patiently. And me -sometimes- thinks that the white area, the outlines, the sketchy color splashes make sense.

Other unfinished things: My website. First there’s always something that you should or could adjust when it comes to the digital doors to the world of tauer. Initially, earlier this year, I planned for an update of the site. Adding a few features that miss, in my opinion, since years, like more interactivity, or like more and easier to catch information about tauer, news etc. But in the course of the year, I decided to leave it the way it is right now. I told this my IT guru the other day; I am so not convinced that the financial /banking/confidence crisis in Europe is over that I prefer not to invest there in IT, and here (in Europe). And I guess, I am not alone.

I guess this is the core of the economic problem in Europe: No confidence. This, and encrusted structures. And there is no easy fix. Contrary to the US, Europe decided to leave some issues unfixed and unfinished.

You know, I am up and running and building my brand for almost ten years now. For 7 years I did so in economies that are in crisis mode. I learned a couple of lessons there. One of them: Leave some things unfinished and wait.