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vanilla and Zeta

today’s image is a vanilla pod, scanned at super high res and back fitted again to allow presentation on the right side of this page. A lot of these, concentrated by carbon dioxide (CO2), are in Zeta, a linden blossom theme. We all know the taste and scent of vanillin, from ready made pudding, ice cream and other chemically enhanced vanilla goodies. But vanillin is only part of the story. Vanilla pods CO2 extracts come pretty close the original. You can get them in varying degree of vanillin content, and I use an extract, Bourbon, with 12% vanillin in it. Thus, you get a lot of other aromatic components with the extract. Parts of the woody notes, the amber creamy notes, the animalic side that plays hide and seek in vanilla pods.

In the ZETA fragrance the vanilla extract is not pumped up with vanillin or other vanillin derivates. Together with the natural sandalwood extract (here I am using an Australian quality, double distilled and super fine), and some vetiverol it brings a lovely, gentle woody creamy sweetness with a twist into the base.

What you also get when you buy the CO2 extracts:  you get a lot of natural waxes; this is one reason why I am still filtering the newest batch of ZETA, lot zetalb002: The waxes tend to block the filter and slow the process down. Thus, I have time to scan long pods (I love the color in this scan picture!), and do other totally useless things that I enjoy so much.