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Welcome to 2013 and a word on new and old

Welcome to a brand new, excitingly fragrant and colorful 2013! Here’s what is happening in the perfume house of tauer these days:

I got, no wrong: Tauer Perfumes got a new balance for weighing perfume formulas and I did a couple of final, last, ultimate control mixes. Among them: NOONTIDE petals dilution mixes. Oh my. How I love this scent! You love bright florals? Aldehydes? The brilliant light of scents born in the twenties? Rose, jasmine, ylang, tuberose, geranium, sandalwood, and and and… ah well! I love it. The scent will go into dilution some when end January and it will go into bottles some when end February. ->Smiled at my new baby and will send it off in March or April,shipping some bottles; not to everywhere, but hopefully at least to a few hot spots.

I am cleaning up my computer folder structure, making archive folders and put other archive folders in there, to limit the number of folders that I see when opening my tauer perfumes folder. It is like cleaning up a cupboard. Deep inside, behind the stuff that you need on a daily basis, there in the dark where usually nobody searches for anything, there you find long forgotten pictures and other data, such as pictures of the first versions of sample sets (made with flyer cards and glued on samples). -> smiled at it and put it into a big, fat archive folder.

I was enjoying warm and sunny days, with a few hikes in weather that felt spring-like already. The sage bush in the garden, buried under a 30 cm thick white layer of cold snow, burst in blueish green shades under a gentle afternoon sun and I made a picture, to share with you. Besides trying to enjoy this oddly gentle weather, we are closing the books. I counted all my goods, my bottles and boxes, my scents in dilution, my scents in bottles on shelves, my fragrant raw materials, everything that is part of the Tauer GmbH stock. -> Now I know what I have and what not.

Tauer GmbH is , by the way, the official name of my company that produces and sells Tauer Perfumes products. ->I am officially an employee of Tauer GmbH. The only full time employee. Funny, ain’t it?

As mentioned earlier: We cannot ship single full bottles ordered in my shop  internationally for a reasonable price anymore. Thus, I was doing a lot of background research, calculations, statistics and reflections of the situation in general and solutions and the consequences thereof. I think I mentioned it earlier ->independent on how we move forward, a couple of things will change -midterm for sure- like what we sell where when for what price.

Thus, the picture is still wobbly but every day things get clearer. -> yesterday, I filed all the papers for an US LLC company and the SS-4 forms to get an EIN number from the US IRS.