what's up?

what a blast

If in the London area: Mark your calendar April 26 I’ll be at Les Senteurs for a STORIES event. (you might want to register for their newsletter in order to get details).
Having said that: I am back from a great trip. Great for many reasons. The desert at Joshua Tree National Park was in “super bloom” and it was amazing to see how the desert exploded in colors and life. And I was in San Francisco for events and that was super cool, too. There, at Tigerlily I have a showcase of what tauer is all about. I presented the perfume in a soap line, the body oils, did an event with the three Stories scents:
When we cuddle and I can smell your perfume on my clothes
Hyacinth and a mechanic
He left his cologne in my bedroom

And I presented the yet unreleased attar that sits in an apothecary bottle up there to be experienced by clients visiting the store. This is not the final packaging, but the scent is finished. After I got so many compliments for it: I think that I will have to offer it one way or the other. It is dark, woody, with a hint of a floral line, very rich but not killing you with sillage. It is funny: Although 100% perfume the attar stays close to the skin. Nice!

And of course I showed all my other fragrances, from the well known L’air du désert marocain to the hidden gems like Noontide Petals.

Back in Zurich translates into an avalanche of things to get done. One of them: filling some 1ml roller ball bottles with the attar in order to allow perfume lovers to smell it too before I have figured a way to offer it as a regular item. Although, to be frank, it will be a $$ item. But I think that’s ok.