general thoughts

what a trip that was

I am back from my trip to the US and what a trip that was.

I was in Chicago, for an event at Q Brothers with the lovely team there.

I was in San Francisco, for an event at Tigerlily with Antonia and it was fantastic. I gave actually a speech and that was super fun.

You can watch it here on Youtube.

And I was in LA, attending the Institute of Art and Olfaction awards ceremony, which was fun , too as I was one of the final judges there. But, yes, my lips are sealed about my own judging. The awards ceremony came with some Hollywood glam and I loved it!

And I was in the desert, for two days only, but still: What a treat. A lot of flowers were still in bloom, especially along the washes and during many hikes I painted and sketched the desert. Wow.

I admit it: It was a bit stressful at times, you know: Traveling by plane is not really fun anymore and one fine day we might all have to get totally naked before we can enter a plane. But overall it did so good to go out and meet clients and Tauer fans and see something different than the four walls of my little factory. Now, back in Switzerland, all my orders with delivery put on hold because of my absence, are pouring in, palettes of stuff. Like for the next production run of Tauerville in the US. Yes, the bottles come to my place from France, and before I forward them by FedEx air cargo, I inspect them and make sure that all is allright. In the end, it does not cost more than to source them from Europe in the US. Funny, really.

The next production run there will be for Vanilla flash, a scent that seems to be low in stock all the time.

If you haven’t tried that one yet: Go for it. It is an amazing fragrance. That’s what I thought when the stock of Vanilla flash fragrance oil came in from my Swiss supplier of Tauerville fragrance oils: I always get a 10 ml bottle to check the quality and smelling the pure fragrance oil of Vanilla flash is … well: Almost an extraterrestrial experience. This is a scent I am really proud of.

The next days see me hopping here and there and collecting more goods that I need to ramp up inventory in Zurich. For autumn and beyond. Exciting! I need to talk a bit more about what’s coming. I will do so in the next week(s).

Today’s picture (© Q Brothers) shows me sniffing a customer’s wrist in Chicago.