general thoughts

when objects in mirror let you see more

This year’s green and living highlight outside, on the balcony : Gardenia, in a pot, outside until it gets cold again. It is growing like I would water it with super fertilizer and blooming in bright beige and a scent that is just heavenly. It is blooming a lot. Thus, today’s picture shows you one of these gardenia flowers, taken quickly with the phone, mirrored in the glass of the balcony. Here’s a cheers and hurray! to my gardenia plant. Live long and prosper.

About the picture: Isn’t it interesting how the mirror picture of the flower provides more insight, more details of its structure and the many petals? The “original” flower, not mirrored is overexposed and is just a white blur, to some extend. The leaves however, with the sunlight coming in from an angle, are bright and full of contrast in the front and not existing in the mirror picture, and at the same time you can see the leave’s structure, the leave veins, in brighter green contrasting the dark green of the leaves.

So, yes, sometimes, I guess, a filtering mirror tells us more about reality than reality itself can because it is just too much to process.

Perfume can be such a mirror. Actually, perfumes are liquid mirrors.