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when voices disappear

Yesterday, right before going to bed, I sent another flyer order out: for PHI- une rose de Kandahar. I picked the sketch that I did a few weeks ago of the flacon of PHI, and sent 10×15 cm postcard flyers, white background, 350 gr/m2, single side coated, demi gloss, out to the printing company. Today’s photo shows you a detail cut out of a lower res version of the PHI flacon sketch.

I want to use the flyer together with orders in the next few weeks, as cards where I say thank you and send greetings to my perfume loving fans. And maybe I am sending some to winners of the draw on Perfume Of Life. We will see…I mention this flyer because of a couple of things.

First, because I like the sketch in its imperfection and its rudimentary, fleeting way. What a nice contrast to the blingbling images of flacons (mine included) that you see on the web and print. It mirrors my world of flacons much more than the photoshoped reality that I also have to publish. It is an illustration that I created in the factory where I spend hours after hours these days packing perfumes. I sketched it using digital tools (ipad) and my finger. I find this utterly fascinating how the most complex digital tools and the most simple drawing tool – a finger- come together there. There is something high tech archaic in there.

Second, because it is sort of a very “quiet” tool of communication. Those who wish to see it and listen to its message, may do so. Newsletters, for instance, are louder, usually. What I experienced recently with newsletters that I get from companies like ebookers or american apparel  is: Too many, too loud, too much discount. One of these companies started to send multiple newsletters a day (once) which was the tipping point for me to drop out. Too much. Discounting is a loud tool, and free shipment, free extras and plain discounts are very dangerous. Give them on a regular basis and sooner or later nobody will be willing to pay the normal price. And, like me, when booking flights way ahead from Zurich to Los Angeles: Clients just sit there and wait for the next discount before ordering.

Similar things are happening in the blogosphere or rather infosphere, too. Too many, too loud, too cheap. The problem here: Readers actually drop out, the news reading list does not include blogs and forums anymore. Similar things are happening in the perfumosphere: Too many, too loud, too cheap. The problem here: Perfume lovers drop out, the sniffing list does not include the many new houses and scents anymore.

What we see these days is that the sound level in the spheres gets louder and louder: But, hey!, here’s the thing… the louder you get, the less you will be heard in the end.

Having said this: I will need to start coming up with my next newsletter, too. Scheduled publication some when next week. But I guess, I will be very hush-hush.