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white musk

Ok. I admit it: I sometimes watch it, home order TV, just to relax. Never with the goal to shop. Although, yesterday, I was tempted, for the tenth of a second.

But yesterday was special anyhow: I think I never ordered that much fragrant “stuff” and other stock items for my Tauer Perfumes world like yesterday. Like “wow!” (says the bookkeeper) and “uiii….exciting” says the creative director (me) and “let’s hope we can sell that in this year’s season!” says the sales manager (me). Thus, in the end, the Euro 31.99, would not have made a big difference really.

I did not however, as I have enough perfume.

A couple of things made me think, though: first why a product costs 31.99 Euro but 44.95 Swiss Francs in a time where the Franc and Euro are close to parity. And then, there was this bamboo head note. Hmm…I wonder what bamboo smells like. I guess green and energetic, as bamboo grows like super crazy. I know this, as our neighbour planted some a couple of years ago and they ended up digging over half of their garden because the bamboo was threatening to reach out to a little pathway, owned by the city, and from there to reach out towards downtown, so to say.

And then there was this white musk thing. That was the only base note mentioned during the 10 minutes or so that I sat in front of the TV. White musk. This is ok. But it made me think about the irony how an extract from a dirty little animal gland smelling super sexy and erotic and dangerously wild, how the idea of musk could be changed completely to a white nice scent that stands for clean and comfort. That’s amazing. It is a turn of 180 degrees really and it always amazes me.

From there, it is just a small step for perfume creating mankind to come up with the next question: How about mauve musk? “Pink musk” unfortunately exists already. Or better even: AZUR musk. To my amazement there does not seem to exist an azur musk fragrance, yet. Now that’s cool!

So you see: Inspiration is pretty much everywhere.