what's up?

winter wonderland

Good morning to you all. Winter wonderland! And how… We got kicked into winter here in Zurich and from one day to the other everything looks different. It is wonderful, but chilly. And I am not sure whether my bike will bring me to the factory today. Two wheels might not be enough today.

I need to head to my production rooms today in order to finish the year: Counting what is left. Bottles, pumps, boxes and all the other stuff need to be counted for the bookkeeper who wants to close the books. I am no bookkeeper and the books are filled with magic for me. Depreciation here, activation there, and in the end we will know where the Tauer GmbH stands and what is left after a busy, busy year. To be honest: I do not really care that much.

I tend to look at numbers in a simplistic way: What is left to come up with new ideas in 2015? That’s what matters most to me, really. I guess there will be some funds left that will go right into the projects for 2015.

Anyhow, first things first: Counting what is left. Enjoy these last days of the year. I think they always feel very special and precious.