what's up?

wisch wasch wumm

Yesterday’s packaging exhibition was great. I have seen machines that can do it all: Wisch-wasch-wumm! And BANG! there you go and all is packed and neatly labeled and in boxes and on palettes and you could send them to the moon without any major damage.

Back in Zurich, where things do not happen in a wisch-wasch-wumm! And BANG!  way, I will need to do some bottle filling exercises today.  Orange Star! Stock of this fragrance is close to zero and with spring ante portas we need bottles in the shelves. But I have seen technology marvels and know what to get when we need to fill a bit more flacons than today.

And I have seen boxes in all colors and shapes. Amazing what you can get, provided you buy your packaging in the range of 20’000 pieces upward.

Well, well..

Here’s to “hand made in Switzerland”! I wish you a lovely weekend and will get back to you shortly with more news from the very little manufacture.