work in progress

Yesterday, on the way home from long weekend in the Swiss countryside, the conversation in the car went like

(me) “you know, in a way, it feels right not to work too hard today!”

(driver) “how come?”

(me) ” well, it’s Labor Day”

(driver) “where’s that?”

(me) ” well, Labor Day’s happening in the US”

(driver) “I do not get it. We don’t really live in the US”.

(me) “well, you know, I’m a global player these days and have my US company tauer perfume llc, and hence, I am sort of entitled to celebrate Labor Day. Ha!”

(driver) ” I don’t get it. You’re crazy”

OK. Bottomline, I guess, is: I sort of took a day off on Labor Day to take a deep breath before heading for Pitti (Thursday) and before stepping into autumn (nowish) and before launching my newest baby, and getting ready for my early year (2016) and spring orders.

yes. I am now thinking about spring. Because, what’s planned for autumn, is either there or not. Mostly it is there (uff) and there is not much that can go wrong now. But although my thoughts are already spinning around March 2016, because some things really need a lot of time,  I am like everybody else. I can feel the days becoming shorter, temperatures going down, the light changing and with all this comes an introspection and a hint of a cozy mood. Like moving into house again, suddenly enjoying warm and darker colors, reaching for the snuggly blanket and looking forward to hugging the fleece. That’s why I picked today’s picture. It is work in progress, warm colors, with a somewhat introspective motive or mood. I have painting class today and will continue working on it: the eye and the hair needs some work. And yes: The picture of today is a very quick shot, and does not reflect the colors properly.

I am reaching out for patchouli and amber and leather these days. These notes fit perfectly. And you?