what's up?

working conceptually

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Yesterday, after a long sunny early spring, late winter day here in Zurich, I took today’s picture that I shared yesterday evening already on Facebook. I treated myself with some roses, as it was -like every Friday- rose day in the local flower shop. And when the sun went down spectacularly, I could not resist taking the picture of the sun, reaching the horizon, with the rose in front.

Yesterday, well… yesterday I was working “conceptually”. A phrase I always use when being lazy. Being lazy means: I did not pack perfume, but was painting, sniffing, and thinking about when to order what for which occasion.

It is end February, and I am trying to come up with my autumn plans. Not easy. And a couple of more short term plans.

I needed a break from the packing and shipping routine. Next week, we will continue there and have a couple of exciting news. But until then: More roses to enjoy in the house. And a couple of hours painting and sniffing. Just the perfect weekend.