Tableau de Parfumswhat's up?

Working on kickstarter goodies

This week will see me working on the goodies that I promised to produce for the kickstarter campaign of Only Child. If this campaign and the exciting  film project of Brian Pera is new to you: Here is the link to the kickstarter campaign page.

Thus, I will start pouring those Loretta Tuberose soaps today, more rose scented soaps and mandarines ambrées soaps will follow, together with purse sprays of Dark Passage, and purse sprays of the fragrance Loretta. Just in case you are wondering: No, none of these are available on my shop and Loretta, the second fragrance in Tableau de Parfums will launch in September/October this year if all goes according to the plan. Perfume lovers who pledged for Loretta get a chance to smell it before everybody else, though.

I order to be ready today, I started working on the Loretta Tuberose soap over the long weekend: Doing the allergen calculations, getting the soap wrapping paper ready, and mixing the soap fragrance and documenting the lot numbers of all ingredients used. The fragrance for the soaps does not really need to mature, thus I can work sort of last minute there.

So I mixed the tuberose scent for this kickstarter soap and smelled the mixed scent again, and remembered that I actually love, love, love tuberose. And that it is about time to move on there, and on the gardenia, too. I have a scent strip next to me, dipped into the soap fragrance and it is quite rich, indeed. I think one reason why I need to get on with the tuberoses: It is a scent that goes wonderful with my skin. This is something I discussed and learned in the US the other day.

But first things first: soaps. And then Loretta. There is already pretty much of a tuberose in there.