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working on the next issue of the Tauer MAG

These days, on the side, I am working on the next issue of the Tauer MAG, scheduled to be available in May on my website. I got all the texts, mine and the contribution articles. This edition will come with a lot of content from external contributors, like Persolaise, Eddie Bulliqui, Roberto Drago, my Italian distributor. This edition will also be translated into Italian, for my Italian fans and friends, distributed in the end through the stores selling my fragrances. Getting this done means: spending $$ on professional translations. But I think I owe it to my Italian perfume lovers. They often -because shipping to Italy is not possible because of customs – are being served late or not, depending on whether I can bring in a product in a distribution scheme. Some, like the body oils, with low margins, I cannot offer there. But at least, if all goes according to plan, I can say thank you through this upcoming edition of the MAG.

So…. I am layouting things now, putting pictures there and text in Adobe’s indesign and trying to get all the formats right and so on. I am doing this on my portable microsoft surface. Sometimes, I think I am ready for a larger screen. But that’s another story.

Ah, and yes: I am doing this whole MAG thing because I feel that I can make a difference in a very, very confusing market.