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world in red

today’s picture shows you the Rhine Falls (Europe’s largest plain water fall near Schaffhausen, Switzerland), seen through a piece of red glass in the window of one of the observation desks. (the picture is proof of my 80 km biking trip yesterday) The world in red. But not seen in red through some sort of digital filter but for real, through real red glass. Red glass, by the way, is pretty rare and I cannot get a red flacon due to restrictions in the use of heavy metals that render glass dark red. Anyhow: The world seen through a red glass makes it look quite different.

The blue sky and the green pastures and trees all look red or dark reddish spots which actually makes the tree stand out a bit. Actually, a red filter would help a lot to find the important shapes when trying to paint a natural scenery. At least the way I look at it. The same experience you would make, I am convinced, when applying a new interest filter to your life. Start painting or doing illustrations: The world will break out in light, in colors, in shapes and contrasts and textures. Start creating perfumes and the world will develop in front of your nose in scents. Start writing and the world will be words describing it. I am convinced that for most of us, there are a lot of parallel universes out there, ready to get explored by us, if we dare.

Right now, after meeting with my designer, Donovan Gregory from the Designer’s Club, my world is packaging. We met on Friday, and Donovan presented details about all the major items I want to get changed: The tin box, some labels, a little product brochure and we both realized how complex the map of tauerville got in the last three years.  We are trying to simplify a few things, or better said: Simplify the handling  for Andy. But things look very promising. Here ‘s the plan for the next weeks: We will continue working on some details of an alternative tin box that -as explained earlier- is a bit smaller, rectangular, and easier to stock and pack and handle. We will get another model of it and then, in late summer, we will start production of it, with delivery in winter 2012. As soon as the box is “out of our way” we will need to decide on labels and paper.

Thus, the world around me is packaging, with a hint of gardenia, where I am trying to come up with a starting point how and in which combination to use my gardenia base that I built. Ah and yes, the world is filling perfume bottles. But that’s nothing new.  ZETA – a linden blossom theme- today.