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It is almost September. The roses are still in bloom but you can feel how they bring out the last buds for this year. The sun is changing its course, the evening light breaks out in yellow colors and the shape of things says: Autumn. The temperatures, the light, the perspective: All is shifting. Usually, […]


the sweet smell of a career change

Today, I invite you to listen to Vero Kern and me in a joint radio show in English, moderated and prepared by Susan Stone from Berlin. She met us in Zurich and is a wonderful journalist. You can click here to the piece on the Deutsche Welle. Enjoy!

creating scents

the thing with roses

I guess have a thing with roses. Thus, here comes the promised post on rosy matters.  I got a lovely mail today, where someone admires what I do with roses. These mails are of course lovely to read, but here is the truth: The trick is quite simple. Just use the real thing. You remember […]


Getting ready for the pentachords

This is a short post, as I am a bit tired after preparing a few things for the upcoming PENTACHORDS launch, and because of the heat that starts to drain energy from my brain, putting it somewhere else and as I have to hit the bike to go downtown to meet with partners. The pentachords […]

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a word on vintage

It is a question of style and of exclusivity: Vintage perfumes are pointers and gateways into a past we seem to remember but cannot really grasp. A post that is gone. A world that is different to our world. Today’s post is , as promised, on Miriam, the first fragrance of the Tableau de Parfum […]

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a hot day ahead

Before I post more on Miriam et al tomorrow: Yesterday was very hot, today is going to be quite hot, too. Hot because the temperatures outside have reached high summer levels.  And also because we sort of get into first activated level in preparation of Tableau de Parfums, Pitti and as we face a few […]

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certificat d'enregistrement

yesterday, after the hike, back home, I opened the mail and finally got it: The Certificat d’Enregistrement of TABLEAU DE PARFUMS as European trademark. I was expecting it, as I got a few letters from fake trademark offices asking for fees. Thus, the acceptance of the mark, we see a lot of $ less on […]

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Wood and Jeans

I will soon hit the road for Austria; culture on the horizon! And tomorrow, I take a day off, switching the Saturday with the Friday, for a hike. While doing so, and sweating under a late summer sun, I will continue thinking perfume. Hiking is always very inspiring. I can play with notes and amounts […]

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3 weeks until Pitti Fragranze

In three weeks I will get ready for Pitti Fragranze in Florence. With this in mind, I visited my bike mechanic guy to announce my bike for repairs. I used it on a daily basis and hence figured that these 5 days where I am at Pitti might be ideal to get my bike’s age […]

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an updated blog and a word on information 2.0

Yesterday, later in the evening Zurich time, my blog was down again. It was malicious code that brought it down, injected by whomever. With a few adjustments done by my super IT cracks it should be fine for a while again. When visiting the blog’s spam folder, heavily protected by a mental TEFLON suit, I […]