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perfume, mirror of the creative universe of its creator

Today, well… today is an interview day. Sort of. I will get a visit from a journalist writing for one of the most influential newspaper here, in the German part of Switzerland. We agreed to chat and discuss in my house, where you find my “atelier”, and not in the factory “tauerville”. I proposed both […]

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today’s picture is an old scan of a mandarine. I decided that I need to make two kinds of soaps. I will make a mandarine ambrée soap, loved by many, batch 5 (hence I will have done about 250 soaps so far), and a perfect fit with the holidays. I guess I will go and […]

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prosaic questions and what soap to pour

On a prosaic side of things that go through my mind these days: I need a new phone. The existing one is years old, an iphone 3, still doing ok, but some buttons do not work anymore and it follows instructions like it was narcotized. Slow. Very. Slow. So I actually wanted to get another […]

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mixing Le Maroc pour elle

My stock of Le Maroc pour elle is down to some dozens bottles and hence there was an urgent need to remix another stock. As the last two weeks saw me waiting for some raw materials used in Le Maroc and as I did not want to mix it when still not feeling ok (I […]

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petals in early April

Today’s picture shows you what we do these days and what we for sure will do in March 2013: Crimping tauer flacons (sealing the pump onto the flacon). It was a quick phone shot, showing you a hand (W.-factor, in rubber gloves), a flacon and the manual crimping tool that is – by the way- […]

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being scentric

It has become, without me realizing really, sort of a ritual that I cook Asian on Monday evening. You know: Light, spicy, with lots of vegetable, always trying new twists and additions, with rice, and depending on the mood more inspired by Chinese or by Thai ideas. Also, a very constant pattern: In the house of tauer, […]

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Where is?

Where is the “L’eau d’épices”? I was asked the other day at an event. Actually, I was asked in LA, during the Scentbar event and launch of Loretta. And the question came out of the blue, and hence I replied rather bluntly that it is not there right now, because I run out of stock […]

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Shipment date recommendations for the holidays

This post brings you the recommended shipment deadlines for X-Mas gifts ordered in my online shop. But first things first. It is only a few days ago since I was in Paris, and yet it feels like it happened in the last century. Almost. This alone tells me how fast time seems to go by […]

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Quo non had duce

Antonio’s perfumery in Paris is called Marie-Antoinette, like the famous wife of Monsieur le Roi, Louis XVI, both decapitated, madame on October 16 1793. When she lost her head, she was call Ms. Capet, and had sort of lost most of her priviledges beforehand. She, like many others, were wiped away by a revolution, starting […]

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on my way to Paris

Fragrant greetings from the TGV, on my way to Paris, gare de Lyon. This time, it is a really nice coach, all new, on two levels, and instead of the dark purple, the colors of the seats are sort of light blue. Much nicer! The Lys du desert that I put on yesterday before going […]