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left side of desk

  today’s picture shows you part of what is on the left side of my desk, a card, more cards, sample labels that wait to be used patiently, and lists and more lists. One list is an excel print out that reminds me to ship samples and information to my retailing partners. One list is […]

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another piece of paper from the printer

Yesterday was a crazy day: And although it was my plan to head down to the factory and pack perfume, I ended up fiddling with an excel and the online shop in the test environment. And doing a lot of other things. Thus, today, I will spend more than a day there. … It took […]

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getting sample cards today

After a short weekend with a short trip to Milan, I am back to Zurich, and with world saved once again in Southern Europe, I am looking forward to the next few days. Please apologize my sarcasm. Every time I travel south in Europe these days, the comments that I get about the economic and especially about the political […]

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Hallenbad is German and means indoor swimming pool. An environment that -from an olfactorial point of view- is quite diverse, but once you are in the water, it all calms down to not much. When entering the City Hallenbad (click here for a picture or see today’s picture going with the post, showing you the stairs […]

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Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the factory; my two rooms where I stock things and where I get bottles ready, for shipment ultimately: Except online order shipments. These I do from “home”, where I have some stock (always too little), my computer that prints shipment labels and where the post office is […]

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red shadow

Yesterday, in the factory, while pouring Incense extreme into bottles and crimping them and putting labels on, it happened that for about 5 minutes the sun came through. In light of temperatures that are still close to zero, and a grey sky that torments northern Europe since felt eternities, this moment was quite special. Like […]

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never trust any picture

Today’s blog post title “never trust any picture” could be extended to “nor any bank. At least in the EU “, referring to what happens in the southern part of the EU, Cyprus. Today’s NZZ brought it to the point: basically, the decisions taken are proof that saved money is not safe on banks within […]

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On roses, samples and draws

Fragrant greetings on this Friday that brought snow to Zurich again. We hope for next week and spring’s return. I will have to hit the factory later today, to pick some stuff up, but most of the time, I will work on my computer(s) today, as it is creative Friday here, with some mixing and […]

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A sample draw and light makes all the difference

I am back from Rome and managed to get the mails done. Phew! First things first: The Noseday 2013 was just great. A wonderful occasion to meet and greet perfume lovers in a wonderful city (Rome) in a wonderful country (Italy) and to get in touch with colleagues and friends again. You find all the […]

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Noseday a Roma

Uff, two hectic days are behind me here: Lots of last minute stuff to get done  before I leave for the Noseday 2013 in Rome, where perfume lovers and perfumers put their noses together. One of the activities: A double interview on scent and friendship with Vero Kern, nose and creator and founder behind Vero […]