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Happy Thanksgiving

First and most important: A happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy the warmth of the season and let us indeed all be thankful for a moment. Whatever the year might have brought to us, wherever we are, and however we might feel after another year inside the movie theater where the film of our live […]

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husch und weg

Today’s picture confirms probably all conceptions of tauer’s “factory life” being fun and easy going. Well, yes and no. Last week was kind of crazy, very tiring to be honest, and the weekend was super busy; packing stuff in the factory and getting things ready for shipment. I did the illustration Friday afternoon, at the […]

creating scents

vetiver md and superglue on a bright Friday morning

The other day, I was looking into the formula of Rose de Kandahar (PHI) again. I think I wanted to know again how much musk is in there (this rose being the first of my scents where I actually use a classical musk molecule); so I checked the formula and rediscovered that I use Vetiver […]

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good morning from Zurich, a day after 11/11. 11/11, here in middle Europe, in some regions at least, translates into “carnival”. I so understand why around this time of the year you need festivities, with laughter and drinks and heavy food: mid November can be so dark and grey around here. So there you go: […]

creating scents


I wish you all a great start into a new week! Today’s topic: Unfinished things. The picture of today fits. A little mandarin painted yesterday, after a still life session in last week’s aquarelle class where we did mandarins et al. It is not finished, but I haven’t decided what to add, really. Maybe I […]

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more roses for you

Friday. Here are more rose for you all: After having shipped PHI-une rose de Kandahar to perfume hotspots in Europe, the next boxes wait for pick-up, to fly west. “Düdeldi”, as we say here, which does not translate really into English; maybe “hurrah”, but more relaxed and easy going and taking things less seriously. So […]

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feeling underdressed

Today’s picture shows you yesterday’s result of my aspiration to do one sketch a day: Me sitting and waiting for a meeting in the evening. The location: Hyatt bar. A nice place with interesting guests, where I always feel a bit underdressed  and out of place. Today’s topic: Not related, really… cache pompes. The things […]

general thoughts

economies of scale

Today: A raining day here in Zurich. Perfect weather to write packlists and for a factory day, packing perfumes. Today’s musing here on my blog: Economies of scale. The other day I gave a little speech about the “life of a self made perfumer” to a class running a special project, high school level. The […]

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bloom in November

Today’s watercolor illustration shows you a tuberose that is blooming these days in Zurich, outside, on the veranda. I painted it on Saturday in the factory, after having finished my job in there. Of course, I did not take the flower there, but rather used a picture that I took with the phone. The real […]