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shipping air du désert marocain

I did not post a lot this week, but the last post  about some of the marketing mechanics found quite some interest: Great! I was not aware that talking about the rules of the game might find such an interest here. Again: Great! This week I was pretty busy with stocking up (Incense rosé) and […]

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the color of luxury

Today,  I googled for “luxury” in google.com’s picture section. You can do so, too: Click here to see what you get. Google might show you different pictures than what I get, as my googling and surfing preferences are different, though. But, as it was a first for me, and as I never searched for most […]

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I planted, a while ago, red leaf beet (Mangold), and it sort of grows well, in a large box on the veranda. But I do not think it is leaf beet really; having discussed it with my neighbour who is very knowledged: We both came to the conclusion that it might be beetroot. Maybe it […]

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Here’s a picture of a peach; the flat variety, delicate to transport, but much more aromatic than the round, ordinary peaches. The season started (south of Switzerland, not here as they do not grow well here) and I just couldn’t resist publishing a quick camera picture here. Of course, peach is also a perfumery note, and I used […]

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miniatures and orchestration

Today’s picture is a miniature watercolor illustration. I real life it is about 8×5 cm. In the watercolor class, we are supposed to try doing miniatures of a motive before we go full scale. The deal: Get to know your motive, try color schemes, play with the light and don’t waste paper. Not because of ecological […]

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This post is somewhat not perfume related, but I share a little picture of my tomato plant. One of them is called “Siberian Early”. I got the seeds from a specialized, organic seed cultivator that features a lot of specialities that you can’t get anywhere else, Zollinger Samen, their webpage is here, but it is in German, based in […]

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archetype and stereotype

Today, unfortunately, my bike needs to go to bikeshop. The bike’s chain broke. That’s a first in my life and totally not exciting. It broke yesterday, and I had to walk home from town. But these transitions are fascinating on the other hand: you know… things work and from one moment to the next, for […]

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How to make perfume in two easy steps

Today, I will tell you how to create a perfume in two easy steps. But before that: I wish you a great start into your week! Mine started perfectly. Today, I will finish labelling air du désert marocain flacons in the factory, and will start packing them. While doing so, I often get bored and […]


Article in Fluxmagazine

There was a great article in the Flux Magazine, featuring luxury fragrances, the transformation in the market, and why niche is winning shares in some market segments. The article featured Tauer Perfumes, and two three other brands and I recommend reading it, here. This is seriously good press and nice. The article follows a couple of […]

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paper work

Besides moving and packing bottles in the factory; this week is going to be a bit paper dominated. That’s the plan at least. Hence, today’s picture showing you a quick photo of a print-out of the Tauer GmbH  company ‘s GTIN-13 barcodes. I’ll really, really need to get up and running for September (the fragrance […]