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Ozonic versus dark cistus twists

Today, right before I started writing this blog post about my “aqua fidelis” perfume trial, a review of PHI-une rose de Kandahar went live on the Pierredenishhapur blog, talking about PHI-une rose de Kandahar, with a lovely intro about the Afghan rose oil and then talking about the multifaceted aspects of this rose de Kandahar. Here’s the link. It is a post that comes with a couple of compliments that are highly appreciated. What a great coincidence!

A coincidence because I was thinking 5 minutes ago about naming scents, wearing the latest iteration of “aqua fidelis”, my fresh “andy” interpretation of an established theme “calone”, fresh ozonic, aquatic.

This aqua fidelis actually is quite modern in my nose. Features some fresh natural head notes/ingredients and sees an ozonic freshness complemented by airy woods without any darkness. Very translucent and bright and fresh. Don’t ask me what I will do with it. I am clueless, really. But anyhow: sitting there and musing, I realized that my two best sellers “air du désert marocain” and “PHI-une rose de Kandahar” come with very evocative names. Part of their success? Who knows…

And while thinking about this, and smelling my wrist, in some sort of amazement, I realized that I actually have not one “light” scent in my tauer perfumes collection. Even my “cologne du Maghreb” comes with a dark cistus twist. A bit at least.

So I figured, I might – when ready- really need to introduce an aqua fidelis. But aqua fidelis is the running title of an excel sheet only, and coming from above’s conclusion, it might need another name. Like ……and yes, here, there’s an idea missing.

Today’s picture doesn’t fit perfectly. But at least we have the ozonic sea freshness in there. But it is too dark. It is another sea picture, done yesterday, oil pastel on canvas.