five shades of Rose

Here’s a great post written by Raluca, on Fragrance Daily, about my roses, titled “Five Shades of Rose from Andy Tauer“.

On of the roses featured: Rose flash. Raluca describes the Rose there with these words (and more) “has a concentration of 20% and is by far the heaviest and sweetest rose Andy has ever made. The composition is dominated by a noble and highly concentrated rose absolute which literally blasts on my skin. A delightful embroidery of sweet nuances floates around the majestic rose, adding him shades of peach, amber and a warm Bourbon vanilla bed to rest in the base”.

I invite you to follow above’s link for the full article. It is very flattering.

Thus, today’s picture: The print-ready picture of the label that I created for the Rose flash: Very simple, and with a lot of information that needs to go on there. Although Rose flashed was not sold in Italy when I offered it: I prepared the label with all the information necessary to do so, if I ever want to offer it in other markets. In a sense, it was a test, whether I can put everything on there… If I ever go towards high quantities, I might always do a label that can be unfolded.

I have not made my mind up what to do next, though. Because: Right now PHI-une rose de Kandahar sits on top of my priorities. This rose de Kandahar was also featured in Raluca’s article: Enjoy! Next week will see me providing a few more details what happens with PHI -une rose de Kandahar here at tauerville.

Thus, this is the cliffhanger for next week.

Ah, and yes, if you are flying SWISS the next days/weeks: Make sure to check out the on flight magazine. There, on page 5, you find a cool picture, of Pascal, the shop owner of Medieval art&vie, where he sells my scents in Zurich. I will fly in November, but I guess by then this edition which features Zurich as destination will be gone and replaced already. And here’s a cut out of page five… Enjoy your Friday!