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Rose essential oil and the rose absolute from Bulgary, Jasmine absolute from Egypt, Comoran Ylang essential oil, Tuberose absolute from India: These are the natural flowers extracts in the scent that had the running title “aldehydic rose” in the excel file where I store all formulas. Some of them are higher concentrated than others. Tuberose […]

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Here is another picture of an orchid that blooms in the house of tauer right now. The size of the flower is only around 1 cm and it is a bit of a weirdo orchid. It looks funny and the color is mostly brownish-green. I got it years ago in an exhibition as baby and […]

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another picture, and another mentioning of the aldehydic rose

Before I start today’s post: Today is your last chance to enter the draw. If you have not commented on the draw post: Do it following this link (not on this post here, and not in facebook) now.In a few hours the draw will be closed. Here’s another orchid picture for you. No tulips today […]