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creating scents

working on a couple of new products and welcoming goodies back in stock

I have just sent out the latest Tauer Perfumes newsletter, as always with sweaty hands, worrying that I made this one big mistake and that I sent off a newsletter that goes totally wrong. Well, it can happen, and just the other day I got a newsletter from a company with a big, inconvenient mistake in there. […]

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at tauerville, early looking into Christmas

today’s picture, bear’s garlic growing around the foot of a fir tree, highlights to one of the weekend activities: Bear’s garlic pesto, made with fresh, naturally grown bear’s garlic, collected in the woods up on the hills nearby. We were a bit late this year, but after the heavy rains on Thursday and Friday I […]

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sanctus subitus

I am back from Rome. Back from a city that I visited quite often in my live but I never experienced it so busy like these last few days. I guess the beatification of Pont. Max. JPII filled the streets of Rome with happy folks last week, happy in anticipation of things to come. People […]

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Carillon with light

Wow. What a weekend…This weekend was busy. Yesterday, I jogged as long as never before in my life (well… just a bit longer than normal). All pumped up and in need to get some energy out after Milan and a busy week before. MOSS by Gusgus sure helped to get into full speed mode. To […]

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in a waiting position

I am waiting these days. For the sun: It is almost all day long grey and I have not seen the sun for a while. For spring: I am tired of temperatures around zero Celsius and long for the warmth of the sun and the damp fragrance of earth and the silver light on wet […]

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design aspects

Today’s picture on the left is a shot made with the i-phone somewhere in the vast Moscow Metro ( for a quick overview of its history: click here to visit the Metro Website in English). A lamp that shines its post Soviet light onto stone walls that seem to be built for eternity. The political […]

making of

on labels and stickers

In a previous post I learned in the comments section that I forget from time to time to outline simple but important things when it comes to what I do. OK, there we go: Everything you get from tauer is hand made in Switzerland by… tauer. Actually, it says so on every sample and every […]

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Scented cards

Yesterday, I got the scented cards, perfumed with the scent of the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, delivered to my house. Hurray! They smell -like the test we did beforehand- gorgeous and incredibly close to what you get out of the flacon. Thus, this week is definitely a Carillon week. These cards are a bit difficult […]

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American walnut and other design decisions

In case you have not done it: leave a comment in YESTERDAY’s post (click here) to make sure to take your chance in the draw for a Carillon pour un ange. Today, we go back to normal and discuss a design detail that I forgot yesterday while cheating with Photoshop. First, it is amazing how […]

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exclusive draw, be the first…

==THE DRAW FOR A CARILLON POUR UN ANGE IS OVER== =RANDOM.ORG PICKED THE LUCKY WINNER: ANGIE C., COMMENT NR. 12 = =congratulations to you, Angie, and thank you to all who participated= The draw of the weekend is over, the winner is Marianne (second comment on the last post ) and was very cool […]