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Cologne Du Maghreb

Hurray! Cologne du Maghreb is here (back). You can get full size bottles here and the miniature you find here. And here are the details about shipping restrictions.  Finally. The last few months were so busy and a rollercoaster ride with our logistics and sourcing of raw materials. So it took longer than expected and […]

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My rosemary bush is in full bloom. Just lovely. In the background of today’s picture, featuring the small bright blue rosemary flowers you may also see some tulips in bright sunlight. This season is simply amazing. Also amazing: The pollen load these days. But I won’t complain! I haven’t really used rosemary in many fragrances […]


COLOGNE du Maghreb

Today, after me packing more Colognes in tauerville yesterday, a word on the Cologne du Maghreb, and an illustration of the cologne flacon, as seen in the factory yesterday, digital. Sooooo…. the cologne: First a couple of links pointing to reviews. Have fun reading about summer bottled! Gaia Fishler at The Non-Blonde Jodi Battershell of […]

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Dramatic rose picture and wondering about AC

Today’s picture shows you a rose: It bloomed two days ago downstairs, a few meters from where I write this post today, in a corner of a green spot that is a bit neglected. It smells (think spicy old rose with tons of citronellol) and comes with a dramatic aura. Sort of. With summer having […]

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A facebook post

Good morning from Zurich! Today’s picture: I chose to show you a detail from an illustration that I did for the Cologne du Maghreb, last Friday. This cologne is all natural, all botanical fragrance, a traditional cologne, light and not made to last, and what is inside… well, it is more expensive to produce per […]

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mixing Le Maroc pour elle

My stock of Le Maroc pour elle is down to some dozens bottles and hence there was an urgent need to remix another stock. As the last two weeks saw me waiting for some raw materials used in Le Maroc and as I did not want to mix it when still not feeling ok (I […]

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actually it is raining

but when I got up in the morning, I felt like sketching a foggy early morning, brisk, and under a bright moon. I did so first thing in the morning, right after the first sips of coffee and forgot to finish the coffee while doing so. This is what you call “flow”, or you could […]

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carrying things like a Labrador

While hiking in Joshua Tree a while ago  I picked up a rusty beer crown, sitting somewhere on the ground in the desert and I put it into my backpack. I figured it will remind me one day in this hike. It did. After I passed the security checks in Chicago, getting semi naked and […]

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winter is approaching

Let me start here with a little haiku I am up the other day. **November** -A last yellow leave Gliding through November light- Winter is so near.- The idea for the haiku came to me when I saw a yellow leave falling from a black branch of a tree in late afternoon. The picture of […]

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frangipani twist

I managed to hang myself through a series of busy days into Friday: fragrantly creative Friday and photo taking Friday and texting Friday. I will -finally!- touch the composition for INGRID again, one of the portraits of Woman’s Picture, and inspiration for a fragrance that we will launch 2013, and add a twist. A frangipani […]