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welcome back! We have exciting news: a new perfume in a soap™ is hitting the shelves: VIVID GARDENIA. A lush soap that fills your bathrooms with the perfume of white flower petals, jasmine (J. grandiflorum absolute from Egypt), roses and more. It took us much longer to finally get there but here we are. The […]

Give aways and goodies

Advent day 14 discovery set

This draw is closed. Please visit my advent calender in the following days for more chances to win. Thank you! I welcome you to another week with draws and prizes on my advent calendar 2015. Hurray! Today you can win a sample discovery set again. 5 scents, your choice. You find your choice here on […]

Give aways and goodies

Day 7 of the advent calendar and another draw

This draw is closed. Thank you, thank you very much indeed to all of you for commenting and sharing! Welcome to my draw for day 7 of the advent calendar: You can win a discovery set today. (that’s a set of 5 x 1.5 ml samples in a tin box. You can choose your scent […]

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Tuberose sotto la luna is now also in the US

Yesterday, I finally sent the Tuberose sotto la luna newsletter out. If you did not get it, you can read it here. And yesterday, it went online in some US stores, and in my online store, and I read the descriptions, especially the one on Twisted Lily’s website. And because this text is good, I […]

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a lot of sample vials

A new week, and sort of the same stories to start the day: Negotiations about Greece. Slowly but surely the Euro stories turn into picking over bones of a corpse that`s dead as a dodo. With a paralyzing effect on a variety of levels. And the drama, or soap opera, presents everything that does not work […]

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at tauerville, clattering into autumn

Here, right now at tauerville’s office works space, printers run and clatter and pop out labels for Une Rose Chyprée. I love this fragrance, with its 50-ies touch, dark and resinous, and in my opinion very wearable for men. Anyhow. I mentioned it a couple of times, that I do the cards for the new […]

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getting sample cards today

After a short weekend with a short trip to Milan, I am back to Zurich, and with world saved once again in Southern Europe, I am looking forward to the next few days. Please apologize my sarcasm. Every time I travel south in Europe these days, the comments that I get about the economic and especially about the political […]

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a lot of things

These days are filled with a lot of things; unfortunately the need to get done things leave little room for playground things. Thus, we fill samples and prepare files and pictures and more for the upcoming Piti Imagine Fragranze exhibition and a few other future happenings. When I make samples, I usually make a bit […]


pentachord samples online

Well, well. I guess this is one of the most exciting days this year. For me at least. I start offering Pentachords samples, individually or as part of the discovery set, on my website, and so does Luckyscent. And today, Elena from the PerfumeShrine blog started the blogging round on Tableau de Parfums and Woman’s […]

Give aways and goodieswhat's up?

A draw to win a sample set and today I give a speech

SUNDAY, July 3 : THIS DRAW IS CLOSED. Congratulations to the winners: Kelley Vandiver, Anne-Marie and Susan (… Thank you to all who participated and shared! I was fun and a joy reading all your comments. =============== Today, I will give a speech, at the occasion of a Zurich local excursion of the board of […]