what's up?


Today, uiuiui…. super busy. Like yesterday, but: There was time to procrastinate… over the weekend I was dancing with wolves and sketched a couple of wolves. Yesterday, I moved on, towards an imaginative canis lupus familiaris (dog). You know: When sketching a wolf, you realize how close wolves and dogs are related. The same happened […]

what's up?

on dogs and bitrex

Today’s picture comes with quite some “jöhh!”-factor. A dog seen in France, at an auberge where I stayed for two nights. The dog belongs to the “Auberge Ferme” where I sketched the front place, published on Evelyn Avenue the other day. It is just a nice photo of a hungry dog watching for what happens […]

marketing and branding

on pictures of me, dog and others

As I have stated yesterday, we are digging deep into autumn these days. And autumn comes with brochures and inlays in newspapers and magazines. Kashmir, woolen things, and happy folks wearing mostly English warm cuddly garment under a great spring sun. Spring, because they do the shooting in spring. And with every booklet more of […]