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You wonder why my fragrances are different? Here’s an answer. I had the change to chat with Sarah, from Men’s Biz, our exclusive retail partner in Australia about this and that. You can read the full interview here “A moment with: Andy Tauer – MEN’S BIZ (” Here’s a teaser, me answering the question: “What […]

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I was answering interview questions for a lifestyle blog the other day. Details will follow when the interview goes life. And, like most of us, I think I am an interesting topic and love to talk about myself. That was the easy part. But, as it is a lifestyle blog and as blogs tend to […]

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rabbits under the moon and flowers

In my chat with Persolaise, for his blog, asked about “sotto la luna”, I said: “….the first time I heard “sotto la luna” was many years ago, and since then it has stood for a lot. There is a poem by an Italian author, Giuseppe Barberis, called Danze Di Conigli Sotto La Luna (Dancing Rabbits Under The […]

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an interview today

Today’s picture: labels for the new boxes. Right now, I am finishing an interview about “niche” for Harper’s. A few questions, a few answers and a lot of question marks from my side. Question marks that go like “hmmm… actually … hmmm: good question”, or “well, somebody should say this, but do you really want […]

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perfume, mirror of the creative universe of its creator

Today, well… today is an interview day. Sort of. I will get a visit from a journalist writing for one of the most influential newspaper here, in the German part of Switzerland. We agreed to chat and discuss in my house, where you find my “atelier”, and not in the factory “tauerville”. I proposed both […]


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I find it utterly difficult to describe perfumes and admire every blogger who can and does. Thus, before digging deeper: Please visit Perfume Smelling Things today and see what Tom made of Miriam and make sure you take your chance to win samples. Click here for his post. Love it! Here, in Tauerville (if you […]