Joshua Tree


greetings and an outlook

Right now I am sitting in front of my room at the Harmony Motel in 29 Palms, heading for the Joshua Tree National Park soon where I will stroll around and do some sketches if I feel like it. Maybe I will just hang out on a boulder and do not much more than watching […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

First and most important: A happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy the warmth of the season and let us indeed all be thankful for a moment. Whatever the year might have brought to us, wherever we are, and however we might feel after another year inside the movie theater where the film of our live […]

what's up?


Good morning. Here’s an update of things happening around here. First things first: I will soon go to the factory, count the remaining bottles of Rose flash and will have to put Rose flash somewhen today on “out of stock” from backordered. It was/is quite a success. To be honest: I was not prepared and […]

creating scentsmaking of

Lys du désert, Luckyscent's Decennial

Luckyscent celebrates 10 years of existence. I know Franco and Adam since September 2005. Luckyscent was the first partner asking me for my scents. That was 7 years ago and since then I have shipped many parcels with lots of desert air and I went to LA about 10 times. Everytime, when I am in […]

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I am off for a few days, in close proximity to this stone. I wish you a nice and fragrant week.

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another picture, and another mentioning of the aldehydic rose

Before I start today’s post: Today is your last chance to enter the draw. If you have not commented on the draw post: Do it following this link (not on this post here, and not in facebook) now.In a few hours the draw will be closed. Here’s another orchid picture for you. No tulips today […]


valley of the dolls

Having heard it on I downloaded Valley of the Dolls yesterday evening, by MYLO, on, as the apple shop did not have it. Lounge radio is my favorite internet lounge station, and to use their motto: “This is how I lounge”. While listening to the piece and a few others, I booked my […]

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carrying things like a Labrador

While hiking in Joshua Tree a while ago  I picked up a rusty beer crown, sitting somewhere on the ground in the desert and I put it into my backpack. I figured it will remind me one day in this hike. It did. After I passed the security checks in Chicago, getting semi naked and […]


time frozen

In Joshua tree, Border avenue, to the right, I think it was close to Canterbury, I came across the most interesting art installation imaginable in the semi desert. Piled left overs of civilization, desert art, neatly arranged, in a way it makes sense. Today’s picture shows you one detail of one object that is part […]

what's up?

weekend greetings

It is Friday and time to write a few mails, follow up a few orders from suppliers and to send my early weekend greetings. In anticipation of traveling later this year to Southern California again: Today’s picture is a take of a pink flower, seen April 2010 in Joshua Tree. Enjoy!