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out of town

today, hurray! finally and uff! and all: I will fly to London, for tomorrow’s launch event at Les Senteurs in the heart of London, surrounded by the best what selective perfumery has to offer. The launch date is going to see a full moon – and a super full moon-  and it is about as […]

marketing and branding

business gut feeling

so yes, I was in London the day before yesterday, for about 20 hours and today’s picture is kind of a proof. I am not totally sure, but I think it was in the Holborn station where I took it. Usually, when traveling somewhere for business reasons, I try to stay another day: It did […]

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confuse them

I got back from London and -you might have guessed- spent a few good hours dealing with e-mails. Now, hurray!, shortly before diner, I am done with them and the parcels for tomorrows shipment with the truck for Italy is ready, too. Time to write on the blog again. The last months were a bit […]



I am in London today and partly tomorrow for the 2011 UK FIFI awards because Orange Star is one of six proud nominees in the category “best new independent niche” which is cool. I am curious to see what this diner is going to be like: Another first in my life. And it is basically […]

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tomorrow, I shall fly to London, and visit my favorite perfumery there: Les Senteurs. The last time I was there, I was shopping for Grossmith, a flacon of Phul Nana in its lovely packaging and with this twisted (in a very positive sense) perfume that builds a beautiful bridge to a past long gone. And […]

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this is a promotional post

I learned to my surprise and all happily that my fragrance ORANGE STAR made it as finalist into the category niche for the 2010’s FIFI award. This award is voted for by UK basenotes members (only the UK members votes count) and if you are interested in voting or learning more: Here’s the link (click […]

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leaving work bench for a while

I am busy with the last minute preparations before leaving for London in an hour or two. And, to be honest, I am leaving happily, also in light of the last few days that were really, really, really busy.  Looking forward to fish and chips or alike, a pint and getting together with lovely folks […]

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London party

Today’s picture shows you a scan of a protea, a plant like from an other planet. Actually, it is from South Africa and we got the flower as a gift from guests yesterday. Spacey, right? End next week, I will be -not on another planet- but another place: I visit the UK again. If you […]