Orange blossom

general thoughts

October. almost

I wish you a lovely weekend! It is almost October, Q4 almost started and I am simply baffled by the fact that I should seriously start preparing for the perfume highlight of the year: x-mas. Let’s try to shake this thought off for a second, it will come anyhow, right? Although, I have to admit, […]

Give aways and goodiesmaking of

bridges to the heart

Before we take the retrospective scalpel again and do some EAU D’ÉPICES heart inspection: here is a note on an upcoming draw in our upcoming newsletter. Yesterday, after having boxed some 100 flacons of Orange Star, I managed to finish a draft version 1 of the newsletter 1 that I schedule for publication September 15, […]


turning on mating instincts

From Ape to Gentleman has a nice clipping and reviews on Tauer. Thus, I am doing it for the second time this week: Enjoy Chris’ writing on Tauer… by clicking here you get to the “Ape to Gentleman” page. A great name for a website: Ape to Gentleman… Now, a few lines on the EAU […]