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bloom in November

Today’s watercolor illustration shows you a tuberose that is blooming these days in Zurich, outside, on the veranda. I painted it on Saturday in the factory, after having finished my job in there. Of course, I did not take the flower there, but rather used a picture that I took with the phone. The real […]


at tauerville waiting for and painting of: noses

Here, in the house of andy, we are still waiting for a couple of things. One of the wait, being on the somewhat annoying side, is for the nose. Although a cold generally is a banality and annoyance, but not more, the nose is still somewhat dimmed down. From time to time, flashback like a […]

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fairtrade and a day off

I wish you a great start into your new week! Here, things are a bit different than they normally are. First, the nose is dead as a dodo (again) due to a cold that is on its way out. So… no happy playing with scents in the house of Andy. Then, I was working over […]


hightlights upcoming

Today’s picture is one of this weekend’s highlights. Very little blue bell like flowers sitting on a stem, a litte spring greeting. In real life, their size is about 3 cm and I do not know their name. They sit in a pot, in the warm house and bloom while it is grey outside and uncomfortable. […]

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Jasmine, in watercolor, and starting 2014

The past few days have seen me relaxing a bit. It was a great 2013, no complaints there, but it was also rather loaded with work and I missed downtime to sketch and play. I am not the kind of person who comes up with New Year’s resolutions, really. Are you? Here’s the thing: Life’s […]

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looking at things, photoshopped

It is time for another post, after quite a break from the normal publishing routine. I had to go to Rome for two days at the end of last week. The day before leaving I was really busy, trying to get clarity on a few registration and technical details for the Saudi market, for the […]