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Today’s picture shows you one example of objects that I “handle” right now. To handle is etymologically related to hand, I guess, and it is exactly what I do this days. Handle objects with my hands. Like this guy (picture of Lonesome Rider) with its cellophane layer around it. Again: by hand. I got better […]

marketing and branding

pink free

today I posted a picture on, without much text, expect mentioning that lonesome rider is basically pink free. I love the juxtaposition of the two pictures. Both of them are clichée, a bit, but one of them is more honest. Funny: I have this fragrance (trial) in my excel that is pretty much pink, and […]

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bloom in November

Today’s watercolor illustration shows you a tuberose that is blooming these days in Zurich, outside, on the veranda. I painted it on Saturday in the factory, after having finished my job in there. Of course, I did not take the flower there, but rather used a picture that I took with the phone. The real […]

marketing and branding

pictures and perfume

I do not remember where it was, but the last few days I came several times upon ads for perfume, smaller and larger brands, with old things arranged in a rather sanitary way. Strange. Have you ever wondered why so often, perfumes are presented in a pile of antiques? Nicely arranged, the flacon sits amidst […]