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Friday pribble-prabble. authentic luxury.

On Monday this week, when in Rome, I was chatting to the most sympathetic journalist imaginable and we soon ended talking about many things in detail that were beyond me creating and producing fragrances. What made the difference: She was actually very, very prepared and already knew a lot about how I do things here, […]

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after the Smell Festival

Good morning from Zurich, back from Bologna and Roma! Rome saw me talking to and sniffing with perfume lovers, celebrating the moment and a birthday of CHERRY (here’s their facebook page, with nice pictures of me and Marina) , super lovely, super niche, and super located perfumery in Rome. Marina, the shop owner is just […]

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A sample draw and light makes all the difference

I am back from Rome and managed to get the mails done. Phew! First things first: The Noseday 2013 was just great. A wonderful occasion to meet and greet perfume lovers in a wonderful city (Rome) in a wonderful country (Italy) and to get in touch with colleagues and friends again. You find all the […]

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man in a park in Rome

Today’s picture shows you in too small a size a scan copy of a black and white picture that I took in 1988 while visiting Rome for a few days. This is now 24 years ago. It is a picture of men in a park and while searching for it this morning, I realized again […]


labor day

Tomorrow, I will fly to Rome, to launch Miriam and Tableau de Parfum. This will be fun, but today is labor day and I got up before six to celebrate this day with work. This was an hour and a few mails ago and in a few moments I will leave for the factory, to […]


Pentachords launch and video

first things first: It was a great Pentachords launch event and party in Rome last Friday. My thanks go to Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria for their support and for their organization. I enjoyed it so much so to get together with perfume lovers and see their reactions, smelling the pentachords line. As the fragrances […]

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another picture from Rome

This is the last picture for a moment from Rome. It shows you the sun sending a beam of light into St. Peter, in the morning. A little natural spotlight. St. Peter is amazing, but unfortunately you need to queue for it these days, for security reasons. All visitors need to pass a detector and […]

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more pictures from Rome

Today’s picture to the left: An orange tree in bloom, seen in Rome in a park full of orange trees in bloom. A perfumer’s heaven. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This for sure is true when trying to cross roads there in heavy traffic. If you do it the tourist way, worrying […]

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sanctus subitus

I am back from Rome. Back from a city that I visited quite often in my live but I never experienced it so busy like these last few days. I guess the beatification of Pont. Max. JPII filled the streets of Rome with happy folks last week, happy in anticipation of things to come. People […]

Give aways and goodiesmarketing and brandingpentachords

Levkojen and PENTACHORDS presentation in June.

Today’s picture shows you a quick photo that I took yesterday before giving the bunch of Levkojen aka Matthiola away. I bought them at a flower shop nearby where I stop on a regular basis. The woman owning the shop buys a lot of flowers that are fragrant and she cares for special flowers you […]