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from my newsletter: back in Europe again, shipping.

If you did not get the latest newsletter a week ago: now’s the time to register. When I started offering my perfumes in 2005 with Le Maroc pour elle and L’air du désert marocain: I could basically ship them worldwide. Things have changed to a point where I could not send to most places. Yes: […]


Shipping to Germany …. we are getting there….

Here’s the good news for today, among a lot of rain pouring from the skies: we can ship to Germany again, everything, including full size bottles. We cover the VAT, it is all included when you check out.  My invitation: give it a try here:  We also ship full size bottles in Europe to […]


EU taxes (VAT) covered by us …. soon

New: Starting July 1, we cover the VAT for you when you order with delivery to the EU. Here ‘s a quick update about changes by the European Union and taxes: everything changes. New: no minimal amount for VAT. Everything that comes from outside of the EU will be taxed. Wow.  Even 15 Euro samples […]

general thoughts

an update about shipping

Greetings from Zurich where we survived the heat… Here follows an update about shipping perfumes. We still cannot ship samples or miniatures regularly in Europe. Overseas: we cannot offer samples either. For Europe, we are testing new shipment logistics these days, on selected markets, like Spain and the Netherlands. If this works, we will add […]

general thoughts

Important news: no more sample shipments possible

Here’s an important news that is somewhat terrible. As of today, we cannot send samples to the world anymore because of stricter implementation of the rules for transport of dangerous goods/perfume in Switzerland. The authorities/Swiss Post started to even send single 1.5 ml samples back. So there you go…. there is no alternative/affordable shipper and […]

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we are starting shipping Lonesome Rider

Today’s picture could be me (isn’t me, though): Sleeping man. A quick pencil sketch that I did somewhen the last two days. It was pretty rough, getting ready to ship Lonesome Rider, getting orders out and last minute stuff, because…. well… because I go to Paris over the weekend. A more or less private mission. […]



Welcome back! Here’s to a new week, with fragrant treats! This week will see me getting the house in order, praying that my tomatoes survived the cold wet weather in healthy state and did not get a fungus infection, and getting some other profane things done. And it will see me mixing another rose, because […]