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wild tomato

Today’s picture shows you my torture: waiting for the tomato seeds to do something. I got a couple of different breeds. I sewed one of them already, a “wild type from Peru”, supposed to give very small but very aromatic tomatoes. I was told that it can take up to 4 weeks to germinate. Thus, […]

general thoughts

a wow! morning

Good morning today, right from the factory. I was heading down here early in the morning to be up and ready for the glass fiber guys who want to install glass fibre. Not that I had asked for it: The fibre just comes and then it is up to us to decide whether we want […]

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out of town

today, hurray! finally and uff! and all: I will fly to London, for tomorrow’s launch event at Les Senteurs in the heart of London, surrounded by the best what selective perfumery has to offer. The launch date is going to see a full moon – and a super full moon-  and it is about as […]

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new passport

Tomorrow, I can fetch my new passport. I applied for it 10 days ago and wow! this was quite an experience. You start applying online, organize a date and time, pick your 15 minutes slot, go there, get a picture done -I am not sure whether they do an iris picture ,too – fingerprints and […]

creating scentsmaking of

pipette guiding the way, and more gardenia…

So I told you: It is a gardenia week. Yesterday, after my aquarell class that is unacademic but highly educative, no school environment, but inspiring  in a way that I am in heaven there, after this class I got home and my mail box blinked with happy news. So there we go: The first reviews […]

marketing and brandingscents

super luna

Today’s picture shows you the contrary of what we have seen yesterday and will see next month again: A super full moon. That’s what we have seen. And the picture shows you a mini moon, the photo been taken around 10 am, while cycling in the Danube valley. The moon is the little dot in […]

making of

chinese way

Here we are busy fulfilling orders and shipping stuff. Yesterday, a happy day actually, I prepared the boxes for my warehouse in the US that serves my US clients, through shipwire, an order fulfillment company. The do the shipping of full bottles in the US for me, as I cannot directly ship full bottles due […]

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steaming factory

Here: Still super busy in the factory, filling packing, labelling. You name it! Hence, today’s picture: A quick selfie, taken early in the morning, with a somewhat determined look, like “Yes, I see you pile of work, but trust me: We’ll  get over there”.  A look that actually fits a lot of situations these days. […]

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hopping from here to there

uiuiui… we have been busy the last few days. My helping hands in the factory help me not only packing perfumes, but the two extra hands help me focus and be effective. No procrastination in the factory these days. Which is good, and at the same time different to what I usually do: Hopping like […]

what's up?

the luxury of enough

I mentioned it a while ago: This and the next week sees me working in the factory with two additional helping hands. This is wonderful, as it allows me to stock up and try to get ready for autumn. On the other hand, it sort of forces me to work in a tighter schedule than […]