general thoughts

a couple of good news

heading off into a week, we do so with a couple of good news for the coming weeks. Hossa! I registered for an aquarell class, hoping for some technical advice, and cheerful hours, starting end August. I can’t wait. Today’s picture shows you an aquarell that I did yesterday, after the usual Sunday half marathon […]

making ofscents

no rose shortage, maybe

The last few days saw  me stocking up a little bit, fooling around with cellophane foil. I still need to practice there, but looking at the boxes in the shelf, things look ok. We do not use an additional glue (the cellophane wrapped packaging that you get from your supermarket or mall usually involves glue). […]

what's up?

post dilution and post extraction

We diluted what needed to be diluted and we shipped what needed to be shipped. And today is my first day without two of my wisdom teeth. And it looks like it is going to be a day fully loaded on and with mefenacid. Well, be it. I guess if you can’t change it, accept […]

what's up?

book keeping and book writing magic

a week in reflectionToday is Sunday. Time to have a look into the Sunday newspaper (5 min) and shake your head. We have undoubtedly entered the slack season and the holidays here in Europe started with the traffic jam on the Gotthard road south, like every year with the Gotthard tunnel being the rate limiting […]