hyacinth again

Maybe, if all goes well, I will have some time to draw another hyacinth on the pad. Let’s hope for best. I wish you a lovely weekend.   today’s picture: Hyacinth, seen this morning in the living room.

what's up?

wish you

Today’s picture shows you an orchid, in full and unfortunately short bloom theses days, in front of a gentle afternoon sun. I wish you a sunny weekend!

what's up?

serious hiking ahead

Hurray! We shipped what we needed to ship this week and the last boxes are out of the house and out of the way. It felt like a maze the last few days, boxes piled up everywhere and flacons and paper and…cozy factor=zero. I will do some clean up, minimal though, because we (W.-factor and […]

making of

combat zone

I could not resist: a flacon picture again. I took it yesterday, while pouring Eau d’épices into 214 flacons in my studio. Outside it was all rainy and grey, but the grey daylight was transformed into a golden beam, shining onto the flacons in quite a spectacular way. The only arrangement I had to do: […]